The Engagement

My husband loves and practices alpinism, he loves climbing glaciated mountains just the way I love reading books. I enjoy listening to his freezing adventures, sometimes a bit worried about the dangers involved in trying to make it to the glaciated peak. However, I have ended up liking this leisure activity, let me say I am a bit into it now 🙂 and  I promise to tell you all about it later.

In 2010, he was so excited about climbing Mont Blanc. He made it to the highest point 4810 m, the highest mountain in the European Union, when he came down, he gave me the gift you can see below.

Peak of Mont Blanc 4810 m high

Peak of Mont Blanc 4810 m high with the Nigerian flag

I was excited about the picture, I am still, and proud. We believe it was the first time (ever) in history, the Nigerian flag has been taken up this high, to the peak of a glaciated mountain (at least) by someone who is not a Nigerian. He said to me in Spanish “darling you need to see this for yourself, it is heaven”. I promised to go with him. However, we kept on procrastinating until 2013 Easter Holidays. He organised the trip and said there was no need to physically climb the mountain as he did with his friends (quite dangerous) neither did we have to sleep in the refuge. We used the cable car up to L’ Aguille du Midi 3842 m high (not bad, right?) and slept in a hotel in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley. I had no idea he was going to ask me to marry him.


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