I Said Yes!

My husband was restless, he was sort of unhappy that we couldn’t use the the cable car up to L’Aguille du midi due to bad weather. It was a cloudy Easter in the Chamonix Valley. I told him not to worry (I, who is a bit sceptical about heights), let us just visit the small villages cluttered on the valley, I am sure there are a lot to see. We took the free bus to the last bus stop Le Tour very close to the French border with Switzerland.

I would not stop wowing when we came down the bus, the houses there were like out of fairy tales. That day the snow and the sun agreed to be high, the snow a meter high above the ground and the sun high in the sky. Indeed, a freezing sunny day it was.

I increased my steps walking a little bit faster to explore the area,  making my way through the large pile of snow and at the same time  gazing at the smoke billowing from the chimney of the fairy tale houses. You can tell people are indoors peacefully enjoying the warmth of their homes. It was just us left alone on the street, making palm prints on the fresh snow. As I happily walked ahead of him, I noticed he was left behind, I called him, no response. I rushed back and saw him anxiously searching our backpack. I was sort of scared and worried I thought he was not feeling all right because he conjured up an image of someone desperately searching for their Epi-pen due to an anaphylactic reaction. He saw me and stopped, looking up with a grin and asked if I could lend him a hand him, I said “claro”, that is “sure” responding in Spanish. He said I should put my hand inside the pocket of a spare jacket inside our back pack, I did as he told me and took out a jewelry box. I looked at him wondering, I opened it and he asked if I will marry him. As a result, I froze,  I felt somewhat light-headed with a tingling feeling that went up my spine. My eyes wide open watching him. He was there waiting for an answer.  Finally, I said yes and it felt good. We were both very excited, though the ring was very big for my slender fingers, he decided to keep it so we won’t lose it in the snow. That moment was spectacular!










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