L’Aiguille du Midi

Back to our petit bois grand chalet, we celebrated our engagement with a delicious dinner and white wine to toast. It was as if we became somebody else. During dinner, we talked, we looked into each other’s eyes and smile shyly. It felt really special. I did not know it would change the way we felt about our relationship. In the beginning, I was somewhat not so interested in all the wedding and prewedding paraphernalia. Perhaps, I was? Without knowing it? We love each other so much and have been together and cohabit since 2009, though we have known each other since 2005 from our school days in the University of Barcelona.  Now, I must confess that all those wedding rituals were part of what really made those moment  special and romantic.

You might want to know what “L’Aiguille du Midi”  is please click here to find out. The last day before our departure, the waether was favourable for us to take the cable car. Yes! My husband later told me his plans, that he wanted to ask me to marry him 3842 metres high up in the Mont Blanc massifs, however, he was afraid that the bad weather will jeopardise his plan. Nevertheless, he was happy he asked me in Le Tour because it was more romantic, just us on the freezing street. We found more people with us in L’Aiguille du Midi. Anyways, we took the cable car all the same and the view up there was just amazing.









That very day, we came down the bus came to fetch us to Geneva where we took our flight back home (Barcelona). Before that, I left a note at the hotel, to thank them for the pleasant stay. I remember wanting to publish it on Facebook, however none of our people knew about it yet and we did not want them to find out on Facebook. We called them up one by one to share the good news with them before making it public. It was awesome. (31st of March 2013).

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