What next?

After the engagement what next? That is the question. How long are you suppose to wait before you get married? That is another question. Well, first of all we had to change the ring, the diametre was big for my slender fingers. I made the announcement. It was exciting, friends and family were genuinely happy for us. They asked about the ring and if we have fixed the date already for the Big Day. Fix date? So fast? I was like, it is going to be something small, we’ve been together, cohabited (still cohabit :-)) and I am not sure how much of a difference it would make in our everyday life. For that reason, I was actually not in a hurry to fix a date.  I was told, even if it was going to be something small it was still going to be your Big Day! That was when I gradually realised what it was all about. So, during that Spring we officially started planning our wedding.

  1. Change my engagement ring.
  2. Fix date (the following summer, too early to plan for the summer of 2013)
  3. Budget? Make your wedding budget and stick to it. Be realistic.
  4. Start making inquiries (church wedding? civil ceremony? reception?)
  5. Wedding style? Small and Simple
  6. Since we were not getting married that summer, where were we going to visit for the summer holidays? Menorca.

DSC03474 DSC03148


DSC03558 DSC03568 DSC03310 DSC03302 DSC03227 (2)DSC03159DSC03152DSC03165DSC03185 (2)DSC03183DSC03279 (2)DSC03302DSC03549DSC03590 (2)

During our holidays in the epitome of paradise,  my husband made a decision to pursue his Masters he’s been procrastinating for so long. We were so relaxed and full of energy that he had the inspiration. Really? I have always encouraged him, however, should it be same year we are going to tie the knot? I encouraged him anyway. I previously had my post graduate degrees while I worked full time and I still remember how exhausting, time consuming and expensive it was and let’s not include planning a wedding to the list. In my mind, I knew we had to find our venue before he resumes classes. I was at the same time, sort of working on wedding songs, browsing wedding blogs, sites, liking them on Facebook, pinterest you name it.

PS: We stayed in a hotel apartment in Maó (capital of Menorca), hired a car to move around the Island.

The picture with the horse was in Es Mercadal (Menorca) during their San Martí celebrations.

Wedding advice from Mary*****

Once you are engaged start making wedding arrangements right away, if you are able to get married same year, great. If not, the next. The earlier you fix a date and start planning your wedding the better.


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