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First I met my bestie and her mother to discuss wedding things. She said my decisions were so unlike me. Actually, my wedding is not something I had always thought about, I had no particular idea of what type of wedding I wanted. Neither did he. What I am trying to say is that, we are  not one of those  people who already have a clear vision of  what their wedding would be. In our own case, we simply wanted to make our relationship official. My initial plan was to elope, he objected. Then we decided to only invite those very close family members and then BBQ for friends.

Anyway, after thinking it all over, we decided that we were going to not only invite families but also invite our friends to our real wedding. How on earth aren’t we going to invite our friends? Well this decision changed the whole concept of what we have initially planned until then. I told my husband there was no way I was going to pack 100 guest (more or less) in a hotel basement. The reception must be out doors. No objections! Again began the hunt for a wedding reception venue, wedding professional photographer, real wedding dress, professional make-up artist and hair dresser and tons of other wedding details I will talk about later. In order to educate my self a bit about weddings I desperately started visiting wedding blogs and website in search of inspiration. Below in order of preference are the most helpful ones.

  1. I registered in  local on-line wedding planner. Helpful indeed. Helped with wedding venue and some wedding suppliers. Could be overwhelming and time-consuming some times though, because there are tons of information.
  2. The Knot
  3. Wedding Paper Divas
  4. Wedding chick
  5. Elysium Productions
  6. Love My Dress
  7. MunaLuchi Bride
  8. Style me pretty

My other source of inspiration were from Pinterest, of course. I was bombarded with lots of information. When I realized that I actually needed a wedding planner I already had half of the job done.

My advice ***

A wedding planner always comes in handy!


2 thoughts on “Helpful Wedding Blogs

  1. One thing I always knew when I started thinking husbands and kids, was that I would wear a white ball gown! Well that’s changing now and I’m still not certain what my dress may look like. I do know I won’t be hiring a wedding planner. Thankfully the Mr isn’t up for a grand wedding and I’m not either so win win situation! Our registry wedding was very bland actually and so simple. Didn’t even plan it. Lol but the church ceremony, I’m def planning that myself!
    Oh and your blog photos are so amazing


    • Hey J, I visited your blog and now a follower by the way. What I have learnt from planning my wedding is that your imagination is totally different from reality. Do not hesitate to try different style of wedding gown before you decide what would work best for you. I am not sure how big your church wedding is going to be, however, if it would be more than 50 adults, even though you won’t have a wedding planner you might need a helping hand. There is a lot going on and one need to concentrate on the most important task which is getting married and having the time of your life. I look forward to seeing those beautiful pictures of your big day. And thank you for the compliments.

      I like your blog and now following!!! 🙂


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