Wedding Make-up and Hair Trials

Two years and half before my wedding day I started “transitioning” which basically means going from chemically processed hair to the natural state of my hair. Even though, I started transitioning two years and half before , I did not do the “big chop” which means cutting off all the chemical processed hair, by the way it was all of my hair and I wasn’t in the mood to rock TWA meaning Tweenie Weenie Afro. So I simply had my hair in braids while I gradually transitioned. Before I reached to this stage, chemical processed hair, tight braids, weaves and you name it was totally natural to me since I grew up seeing the female adults in my life do likewise. To me, it was as well natural have someone else take care of my hair. I was totally useless when it came to taking care of my hair myself. I was hopelessly dependent. And never dared to wear out my curly fro. To me it was all natural. You can imagine deciding not to chemically process my hair was somewhat a huge step for me. It has all changed now, I will tell you in a different post what it took.  Now my wedding day was fast approaching, what do I do to my hair? I live in Barcelona and there aren’t many natural hair stylist here.  Even my hair stylist at that time who is African, was not very good at styling natural afro hair. As a matter of fact, this was a problem. I needed to do something, I started trials anyway.

  • I enjoyed and rocked the kinky twist below, though I did not see my self wearing it on my wedding day.

New Image

  • I found another hair stylist, to do the hair below. I did not like the way she manipulated my hair. The braids were too tight. I couldn’t stand the pain. Though, I found an incredible make-up artist. I used this hair for our pre-wedding photo shoot and the make-up trial as well which I will talk about later. This hair was inspired by one of the many I found on Pinterest.

20140329_124841-MIX (1)

  • At last I decided to try weaves (natural hair) with another stylist to whom I insisted that I do not want to chemically process my hair. Voilà below. Another inspiration from the many I found on Pinterest.

New Image2


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