Natural Hair Transition

In my last post I promised to tell you a bit about my transition process. I owe it to my Facebook naturalistas and natural hair bloggers all over the web, especially on YouTube. They inspire me. They were girls like me combing and taking care of their hair themselves and saying if I can do it you too can. I did not take them seriously at first, however, I noticed how my chemical processed hair has thinned out due to the harsh manipulation. I decided to transition too, however, in braids and never wore my hair out.

I wore my hair out for the first time when I found myself in severe pain after a very tight braid by a hairdresser I promised never to go back to. The pain was horrendous. It caused me a tension headache, not only that, it was so tense that it almost tore my scalp apart.  I will not put up the picture because your heart might sink. Upon all that, I still found it difficult to get rid of them. Finally, I did. I set myself free from bondage. And I revealed my natural hair for the first time ever (that is going to work, gym and meeting up) and was so excited with what I found. My husband now, who was my fiancée then, loved it and wouldn’t stop touching it. He was of great support too, he said let your hair and scalp rest for a while, let it heal, moreover you look really good with your hair like this, why not let it be for now?


I must also confess that after I fully recovered from my hair injury, I started choosing my hair stylist wisely. Below are different occasions where I wore my hair in its natural state and in braids. Let me also add that in the past few months, I have learnt a whole lot about taking care of my hair myself.  Most importantly, I have learnt that my hair is sacred and must be handled with kid gloves.






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