In search of the Perfect Wedding Dress

First of all, through Pronovias invited me to try on their wedding gowns. I took my bestie and mother in-law with me. My first wedding gown trial ever. I was nervous, kind of.  Anyway, we were very well received, we were served Cava (sparkling wine) while we waited and browse through their computers, trying to define my style. Nothing flamboyant, just  simple and flattering.

IMG-20130926-WA0002 (2)

IMG-20130926-WA0007 (2)

IMG-20130926-WA0004 (2)


All dresses are from Pronovias Fashion 2014 collection #1 Diango, #2 Urdaniz, #3?, #4 Pelicano. #3 does not pop to mind. Click here to view more from the 2014 Pronovias collection.

I also visited in Barcelona

  1. Cymbeline Paris
  2. Teresa Palacios (I tried on more from Pronovias, Demetrios, and another designer whose name isn’t popping to mind)
  3. Franc Sarabia
  4. Núvies Lour (Tried on Rosa Clará and Pronovias)
  5. Manu Gracia
  6. Raimon Bundó
  7. Miguel Mora (I tried more from Demetrios)
  8. L’art Nupcial (more from Demetrios)
  9. Novias Mafer  (to see if he could design my dress, I was a bit sceptical about the idea though)

As you might have noticed, I fell in love with Demetrios lines,  very untraditional. Thanks to my bestie’s mum who spoke highly of them. I wanted lace and a mermaid cut. My husband, whose opinion I sought, said he prefered strapless wedding gown, he loves the way my skin glows in it.


Always try on a wedding a dress, do not choose one simply based on the picture of a model. And do not underrate a dress because you aren’t sure how it would look on you. Just try them on! Also, always stick to your budget.